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Randi Martin Biography – Who Is Patrick Mahomes’ Mom?

When an NFL player gets popular enough, people, especially sports fans, will want to know everything about him, including his close family. This is just the case with Patrick Mahomes and his ascension in the NFL. Right after the player got a few explosive plays on-field, his mother, Randi Martin, was also placed under the spotlight.

Give this article a read to find out more about Randi Martin’s life and background, along with some other cool pieces of information.

Randi Martin: Biography

  • Full Name: Randi Martin (Randi).
  • Nationality: American.
  • Birth Place: Texas, USA.
  • Age: 48 years old.
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches.
  • Net Worth: Approx $2 million.
  • Marital Status: Divorced.

The parents of Randi Martin are Randy Martin and Debbie Bates Martin, and she was born on June 25, 1972. She has an older brother called Joey Martin and two older sisters, Lori Deal and Joll Harrington, which makes her the youngest of the siblings.

It is said that the father of Randi Martin was actually the principal of the school she attended. This made some people believe that this was the reason why Patrick Mahomes’ mother has amazing academic results. She was able to graduate from Texas High School with a great academic record, which was a great accomplishment in her young years.

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You will hardly find any other information about Martin’s college years and her education online.

Randi Martin – Her Marriage and Kids

Of course, people are mostly interested in the marital life and children of Randi Martin Mahomes, so let’s get feet-deep into this section.

Her Marriage

Randi Martin has an ex-husband named Pat Mahomes Sr. He played in the MLB (Major League Baseball) and was actually a pitcher. Pat Mahomes was not only a great baseball player but also showed to be gifted in other sports like football and baseball.

He was actually scouted by the Minnesota Twins in the Draft due to this outstanding athletic ability. Despite the many offers from teams and valuable scholarships he received, Pat Mahomes decided not to go to college.

Throughout his career, Mahomes actually managed to play for some great teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Mets, and the Boston Red Sox.

The amazing career of Pat Mahomes in the MLB lasted for 11 years.

Mahomes saw Randi Martin for the first time in the 1990s, while both of them were in high school. After that, they were always seen together and they left great impressions on whoever met them. Randi was actually a big part of Mahomes’ life and influenced his baseball career.

Throughout their marriage, she took on her housewife job like a champ and was always supportive and loving. Despite the perfect life they seemed to have, they divorced at some point, a few years after having their children.

Pat Mahomes and Randi Mahomes kept a friendly demeanor, even though people thought things would get spicy and were expecting drama. They continued to raise their kids together and considered themselves really good friends.

They even took pictures all together like a family during special occasions.

Their Kids

Randi Martin BioThe son of Randi Martin, the popular Patrick Mahomes II is known for his great quarterback plays in the National Football League (NFL). He was born on September 17, 1995.

Patrick Mahomes got great athletic genes from his father and with his father’s support, he played professional baseball. Once he got to Texas Tech University, the career of Mahomes II took a quite different turn.

During his sophomore year, he started playing professional football. His first-ever achievement as a professional player was leading the NCAA Division I in multiple categories. He even managed to get on the NFL Draft roster of the year 2017.

Patrick Mahomes was actually picked by the Kansas City Chiefs, landing in 10th place. This was a great decision for the team.

Right from the first season, Patrick managed to get 50 touchdowns and made 12 interceptions, throwing more than 5000 yards. These achievements got him on par with Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and other high-level stars.

Patrick even helped the Chiefs get the Super Bowl title in the 2019 season, being the first in 50 years for the club. He was also featured on the Pro Bowl and All-Pro lineups and got the NFL MVP title.

After Patrick Mahones, who was her son, managed to get the spotlight with his incredible plays, Randi Martin also got a lot of attention. Although not a lot of people know this, she actually has a second son as well, called Jackson Mahomes, which is a social media star. He rocks TikTok with over 700,000 followers.

Her third child is a daughter, Mia Randal. Unlike her other two children, he kept the identity of the daughter’s father completely confidential.

Career and Net Worth of Randi Martin

Randi Martin has a publicly speculated net worth of around $2 million. Considering that her son is known to be under one of the most expensive contracts signed in NFL history, this number isn’t that far-fetched.

Most of the information you will find about Randi Martin and her career is pretty vague. According to some people that managed to get close to her, she actually worked as an event planner and organizer in Tyler, Texas. Randi Martin is, instead, very engaged in charity and actually organized the fundraiser for Variety KC right on her birthday.

Randi Martin is known to have been a popular cheerleader in her high school years.

Final Words

So who is Patrick Mahomes’ mother? The mother of the famous baseball player is Randi Martin. Although the internet isn’t full of information on her and her career, she had an important influence on her children and it is said that without Randi Martin, Patrick Mahomes wouldn’t have been the successful player he is known to be today.

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