NFL Waterboy Salary

How Much Do NFL Waterboys Make? A Surprising Answer

Although not a visible part of a game, waterboys are still very valuable members of the extended teams. But do waterboys make a decent income out of their participation in the game? Or simply put, how much does an NFL waterboy make in reality? This article will give you an idea of what is the expected pay for a waterboy in professional football leagues.

How Much Do NFL Waterboys Make?

The average waterboy in the NFL will make around $53,000 per year. At least this is what they will make as beginners. And yes, there is such a thing as a beginner and a professional waterboy. This salary amount has popped up from research done by With experience and dedication, someone taking an NFL waterboy position might reach a considerably bigger salary.

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Although compared to the money players will make the NFL waterboy salary is really low, it is considerably higher than many office jobs. It is basically a misunderstanding that being a waterboy at such a high level as the NFL is a lowly job.

As a waterboy, you can also receive some perks along with the official salary. Being an active part of the game opens a possibility for them to receive a lot of free souvenirs from players, like jerseys actually used in the game or other memorabilia. A jersey from the right player might be worth a lot more than the waterboy’s yearly salary.

Another important perk is being so close to the team of their dream. And that in itself it’s something that might make some fans want to work for free.

The only reason why devout fans don’t get this job is because most of the time, teams will choose to hire family members of coaches or players as waterboys as a lite form of nepotism.

But first off, what Is the NFL?

The National Football League (NFL) is the most important football organization in the US and worldwide. It has its headquarters in New York City and it was first started in 1920.

It was initially called the American Professional Football Association, or APFA for short. It officially changed its name to National Football League in the 1922 season.

Although players are the most visible parts of an NFL game, they won’t be the only ones involved in the game or the only ones to make money off of it. There are a lot of staff members, like coaches, cheerleaders and, that’s right, waterboys, that will be active parts of the game and earn money in the process.

What Will the NFL Waterboys Do?

So we now know what the NFL waterboy salary is. Now let’s find out what their job is.

Most of the time, the waterboys in the NFL will have an essential role in the training phases. Their main job won’t be an easy one. They will have to hold sweaty towels and port water into the mouths of the players. They will have to do all this while also making sure that they won’t interfere with the game in any way.

Although they are called waterboys, the job won’t be restricted to only men, and from time to time you will actually see brave women also taking this spot for some teams.

Although the role of waterboys in football, in general, is vital, you will notice that you will find only scarce information regarding these staff members. It will take amazing dedication, great skills and a lot of stamina to be considered for an assistant position for the players and the coach, which this position actually is.

Although surprising, research has shown us that you actually need a high school diploma to even apply for this position on some teams. Your chances are also considerably higher if you have any experience on the field, in any active role for a college football team.

You will also have to have great communication skills to make sure you know when it’s your time to shine and how to do so without getting in the players’ way.

Pros and Cons of Being an NFL Waterboy


As a waterboy, you will basically be close enough to football stars that you can even kiss them on the mouth. Although I strongly recommend you don’t. If you’re a football fan, this will be a good enough reason to apply. It will enable you to meet face to face with your idol(s) a few times per week.

Like all of the other staff members of an NFL team, the waterboys will also enjoy the benefits and rewards of winning games. The salary, although not the biggest, is also something that can’t be ignored when talking about the pros of being an NFL waterboy.

Most NFL waterboys will also get two free tickets per season. Their access to all kinds of gear souvenirs from the players themselves or even better, used in games, will surely be the biggest pro of all. A jockstrap or a jersey from a top player from the winning team can be worth a lot as a collectible.


Being an NFL waterboy comes with a lot of benefits, but what about the cons of this job? Of course, like any other job out there, this also comes with a few bad aspects you will have to consider.

The job of an NFL waterboy isn’t an easy one. You will work very hard and will see almost no appreciation while on the field and outside of it. You won’t even be able to brag about it, as most NFL fans consider the waterboy the least important member of the team. Even so, NFL waterboys will have to run a lot. Even more than some players. This is why you will have to make sure you’re in your best position before applying for this job.

How Can You Become a Waterboy?

Before applying, you should make sure that you’re in your best physical form. You will also have to have extensive knowledge about football in general and especially the waterboy’s tasks. It will also help if you know the players of the particular NFL team you’re applying for.

Some people take the jobs of waterboys, ballboys, towel boys, and alike lightly, although all these positions require a high level of professionalism and dedication, especially in professional leagues.

The NFL isn’t something to take lightly and all positions that will involve field time will require a hiring process like any other high-level job.

Where Can You Apply to become an NFL Waterboy?

Is Waterboy Job Worth itBefore telling you where you can apply to become a waterboy, I should make it clear that the NFL waterboy salary is hardly something you will be able to live off. The most important perk of this job is not the financial gains, but the opportunity of meeting your favorite players. But if this alone is enough for you, then let’s go over the signup steps.

The first thing you will have to do is to visit the official NFL website. From there, you will select either the Team or the League you want to go to, by clicking on the respective link. You should think about whether you will be applying as an intern or an entry-level employee.

After you’ve made this choice, you will then go ahead with the registration by clicking on a link you will find at the bottom of the page. The next step will have you upload a professional resume and a cover letter to go with it.

NFL Waterboy VS Some NBA Positions

NFL waterboys are doing a similar job as NBA waterboys, and both of these jobs can get you a decent salary. This salary will usually depend on the team that hires you. You will not only have to like what you will be doing, but you also have to make sure that you are qualified and have the necessary skills for the job.

The average salary of a waterboy in the NBA is around $35,000 according to NBA G-League. With experience, this salary can increase. On the other hand, if you’re up to it, you should know that you can earn $45,000 as an NBA mascot, which is considerably more than what a waterboy makes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do NFL Waterboys travel with the teams?

Being an NFL Waterboy isn’t devoid of any importance in a team which is what most people believe especially due to the small salary.

Among the many benefits, the waterboy gets is the fact that they can travel with the team and help the athletes from a hand’s distance.

What is the salary of an NFL cheerleader?

Most NBA cheerleaders will earn somewhere around $150 per NBA game. Aside from this, they will price their appearances at around $50 to $100. This is why, in the case of cheerleaders, it will usually come down to the frequency of their participation in games.

Can a cheerleader get rings?

As a general rule, this answer will depend on the policy of their teams. The cheerleaders from the NFL (National Football League) can in fact receive a Super Bowl ring. There were instances in which a cheerleader actually got items bigger than the ones received by the player, like a large pendant.

Is the NFL waterboy salary considered a low one?

Considering the average income that someone can make in the US, the NFL waterboy salary in 2022 is well above even some office positions, not only entry-level jobs.

Do I need any NFL qualifications to apply as a waterboy?

You won’t need any qualifications from the NFL to apply as a waterboy.

How much does the NFL towel boy make?

Some recent statistics show that the NFL towel boy will usually get a salary similar to the one of an NFL waterboy. This puts the NFL towel boy’s salary at around $35,000 per year as well.

How much do batboys earn?

These last seasons, we have seen payments for the batboys of around $10 per hour. You should expect a batboy to work around 8 to 9 hours each day in games played by their team on the home field. This means that they are expected to make anywhere between $19,000 and $20,000 each season.

Final Words

How much do waterboys make in the NFL? Most people see the waterboy job as a degrading, tiresome one. This really isn’t the case, especially in NFL, which is the biggest football league. This job will actually offer you a decent salary to live off of and some amazing perks that go with it. This is a great job, especially for big NFL fans.

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