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How Many Acres is a Football Field? The Actual Playing Size

If you’ve ever wondered how many acres will a football field have including end zones and what size is the actual playing area, then this article will be exactly what you need.

How many acres is a football field?

The standard American football field will be 1.32 acres in size. The American football field will also have standard dimensions that include the end areas. Those are 360 feet long, and 160 feet wide, with a total surface of  57,600 square feet.

If we were to omit the end zones, the American football field will only be 300 feet long. This would also reduce the total surface to only about 48,000 square feet, balance to 1.1 acres. As you know, acres have an area of 43,560 square feet.

Seeing that American football as a sport has a standard for the fields, this means that most fields, regardless of whether they are NFL, college, or high school fields, will be pretty much the same size. The standard football field will be 120 yards in size. With each end area of 10 feet (a total of 30 feet) deep, the playground will only be left with 100 yards. The uniform width of the year will be 53 and 1/3 yards, or 160 feet.

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You might already know that the last two zones on the football field will be 10 yards and 30 yards in length. The team area and the training box can be found closer to the center of the field, along its length, on both sides. The trainer box is 120 feet long, 6 feet wide, and around 6 feet away from the field.

The Actual Meaning of Numbers and Lines on the Football Field?

American Football GameYou will notice that the pitch has markings on yard lines every 5 yards. A yard number is marked with every 10 yards. Both halves of the court will also have numbered lines at the 10, 20, 30, and 40-yard lines. The center of the court is divided by a 50-yard line.

The course also has sharper and shorter lines, that go between lines 5 yards across its length. You will find pound signs that are spaced one meter one from the other. The space between the two dashes will be one of the main differences between the NFL fields and those for high school and college games.

The space between the hash lines for each level can be found below:

  • NFL – 18 feet, 6 inches.
  • College – 40 sets.
  • High School – 53 feet, 4 inches.

You will notice that all plays will begin either between or right on the pound signs, depending on the place where the previous turn ended. This means that the ball will be placed on the pound sign on the right if the previous play found its end somewhere along the right sideline. This is a mechanism that prevents the defense team from getting an additional advantage by playing too close to the touchline.

How Big Are The Goalposts?

So now that you know the exact size of the football field both in acres and in yards, how big will be the goalposts on a football field?

The crossbar of a football goal is 10 feet high, with both side posts 20 feet higher, which makes the whole structure 30 feet in height. The NFL and NCAA goal posts are 18 feet and 6 inches wide, while the high school goal posts are 23 feet, and 4 inches wide. The width of the goals will basically be the same as the width of the sharps in the NFL.


So to wrap things up: how many acres is a football field in size? It turns out these fields will be 1.32 acres if you were to include the end zones. Below I have also added a couple of common questions other people have around the subject.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many football fields would fit in an acre? How about 10 acres?

One acre can be translated into exactly 43,560 square feet. This means that with some simple math we can equate 10 acres to exactly 435,600 square feet. But can a football field even fit in an acre? It turns out it can’t, considering that the football field will be about 1.32 acres in size. We’ll use simple math again and this will show us that you can fit 7,5 football fields on a surface 10 acres in size.

2. How big is an acre?

Although this question isn’t really about football, a lot of people ask themselves how many square feet, square miles, or whatever, can fit into an acre. Prepare for what might seem like a really technical answer. One acre can be translated into 4,047 square meters, 0,4047 hectares, 43,560 square feet, or 1⁄640 (0.0015625) square miles.

3. What does an acre of land look like?

You can find an acre of land in basically any shape, from simple shapes, like rectangles or circles, to more complicated ones, like hexagons. It is basically any piece of land that measures exactly 43,560, regardless of its width or length.

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