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How long is half time in football?

When thinking about how long half time is in football, you might be thinking that the answer should be a clear, specific number. This is not really the case. The interesting fact is that depending on the tournament, the halftime length will differ. So let’s go through the different lengths of half time in football. […]

How Many Acres is a Football Field? The Actual Playing Size

If you’ve ever wondered how many acres will a football field have including end zones and what size is the actual playing area, then this article will be exactly what you need. How many acres is a football field? The standard American football field will be 1.32 acres in size. The American football field will […]

Offsides In Soccer – Clear Explanation and Rules

As Americans, most of us have a pretty good understanding of the tactical rules of football, basketball, or other popular sports with a long history in our country. But when it comes to soccer, we might not be very knowledgeable about the sport and its rules. There are a few things in soccer that are […]

How Long Is a Baseball Game? – Average Length of Game

You can’t say that baseball isn’t a challenging or complicated sport, especially for newbies. However, when you get around the basic set of rules, you will find out that the actual game is a lot simpler than you thought. But how long will a baseball game be? A baseball game won’t have a specific time […]

How Much Do NFL Cheerleaders Make? The Real Salary

An NFL game, with all its top-notch performers and amazing plays, won’t be the same without the beautiful cheerleaders. I consider this the second most interesting part of the football games. But how much do the NFL cheerleaders make? It turns out that an NFL cheerleader is expected to earn an average salary of around […]

How Much Do NFL Refs Make? Requirements to Become an NFL Ref

A referee in the NFL will usually be paid considerably more than most other sports league referees around the world. But how much would a referee make in the NFL? NFL referees will make about $215,000 per year according to big sports publications like FanDuel. We will start our series of interesting sports trivia articles […]