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What Exactly Is OTA in Football?

The NFL experiences quite a quiet period between the end of April and close to July when the training camp would start. Not only players but also coaches and other members of the staff would use this period to prepare for the camping season and boost their overall energy level. This is the period in […]

What is WAR in Baseball and How To Calculate it?

As you know, baseball in general stirs quite a few debates especially around who is the best player. Our eyes are not enough for us to make an educated decision so we also have to go over the figures. Over the span of 150 years, a lot of lists and statistics have been made to […]

How Much Are Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Making Per Year?

If you’re an NFL fan then there is a high chance that The Dallas Cowboys team is one of your favorites, having one of the highest net worths in all of the league. The salaries of the members of this team are also decent, considering their great number of titles and successes throughout the years. […]

What Is The Average Height Of NBA Players?

We can all agree that you can’t think of basketball without thinking of huge players, at least in height. This is a belief that has stood over time and in most cases, it holds pretty much true. But what about the average NBA height? How has it developed over the passing of time? If you […]

How Long is a Soccer Game In Different Leagues?

Soccer is the most popular sport around the world, and nobody can argue with that. Millions of people are watching games split between different leagues like the World Cup and the Euro. Even so, there are a lot of people that ask how long is the usual game of soccer.  This article will give you […]

10 Best NFL Quarterbacks of All Time

Who is the best quarterback in NFL history? This isn’t really a new question, as it keeps coming up time after time, basically during each NFL season. If you’re an NFL fan, you surely heard about the first three positions, but what about the other ones? And most importantly, who is the best QB of […]

When Does The NBA Season Start?

When you say basketball nowadays you basically talk about games in the National Basketball Association (NBA). but do you actually know when does the NBA season start this year? Usually, the season should begin exactly three weeks after the end of the training camp, which is on September 28. This means that the regular season […]

How Many Rings Does Tom Brady Have?

I think we can all agree that Tom Brady is among the best quarterbacks in the whole NFL history. He is currently the one holding the most Super Bowl rings. So let’s find out how many rings Brady actually has. So how many Super Bowls did Tom Brady actually play in? And how many Super […]